About Us

Company History

Like ‘da Fish is a product of our unwavering passion for the underwater world and a commitment to creating a unique diving experience. Our story began during a memorable trip to where a group of us found ourselves so captivated by the underwater beauty that we didn’t want to resurface. It was during this adventure that the boat Captain described us as being “like ‘da fish,” a name that stuck and inspired the birth of our company. From that moment on, we set out on a mission to offer safe, fun, and educational SCUBA training, equipment, and travel opportunities.

The Crew

Our core group of dive professionals at Like ‘da Fish brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your diving journey. With backgrounds in the Fire/EMS services and a collective experience of over 170 years, our crew is committed to making your dive experience enjoyable and safe. We’re more than just instructors; we’re fellow adventurers who are passionate about sharing the magic of the underwater world with you.

Why We're Different

What sets Like ‘da Fish apart from other dive shops is our dedication to preserving the essence of diving. We believe in staying true to our principles, which include:

  • Education over Training: We focus on providing you with a deep understanding of SCUBA diving, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every adventure.
  • Quality over Profit: We prioritize the quality of your experience over financial gains, ensuring that every dive with us is exceptional.
  • Safety Above All Else: Your safety is our paramount concern, and we go to great lengths to ensure every dive is conducted with the highest safety standards.
  • We’re not a big corporation: we’re a close-knit community of divers who share a love for exploration and a commitment to making your dive with us memorable.

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